• Turn off unneeded lighting – encourage staff to be aware of the lights that are switched on around them and turn off any that are not currently needed. Many lights are left switched on and are not used for a large part of the day.
  • Don’t leave office equipment on standby – ensure the monitors, printers and other equipment in the office is turned off instead of left on standby. Also ensure things such as laptops are not left on charge unnecessarily.
  • Motivate your staff – encourage your employees to draw up an action plan and assign responsibilities to different members of staff, provide them goals and an incentive for doing it.
  • Be energy aware with new purchases – when purchasing new office equipment, look for equipment that promotes energy efficiency for example computers, monitors and printers that automatically power down during extended inactivity.
  • Take regular meter readings – keeping track of how much energy you are using will help you see what improvements are working best and where you are saving the most energy, helping you plan further improvements.
  • Don’t let heat escape – double glazing will cut heat loss via windows by 50% and draught proofing will also make a significant impact on the amount of heating that is retained in the building. Well insulated buildings will use much less energy as heat is retained. 
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