F&S Energy purchase power from renewable generators right throughout Britain, from wind turbines on the islands off the north coast of Scotland, to hydro electric plants in the mountains of Wales, down to solar farms in the westerly tip of Cornwall.  Where you see a local renewable generator in your area, there is a very good chance that they are selling their power to F&S Energy.  Due to this success, all power supplied by F&S Energy to electricity consumers is now 100% renewable, UK generated, REGO backed renewable electricity.  This is a milestone that F&S intends to continue into the future, and F&S Energy have now stopped offering brown power to new supply customers. 

Although brown power is no longer supplied to consumers, unlike other green suppliers it will continue to compete on price with a purely green offering.  This 100% green offering will not attract a price premium against traditional brown electricity supply.

As well as avoiding all fossil fuels, F&S also avoids electricity generated from the burning of woodchips which have been imported into the UK from overseas logging operations and encourages other green suppliers to do the same.