Each year, electricity companies in Britain must publish where the electricity they supply comes from.  Below you can find our fuel mix disclosure. 

At F & S Energy we support small renewable generators by buying their electricity at market leading prices and provide electricity consumers with 100% renewble energy.

Our renewable electricity comes from UK based wind turbines, PV solar farms, hydro generators and anaerobic digestors and is backed by Ofgem REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin) certificates.  We avoid electricity generated from the burning of fossil fuels or imported woodchips and encourage other electricity suppliers to do the same.


Fuel Supply                   Apr 17 - Mar 18
Coal 0%
Natural Gas 0%
Nuclear 0%
Renewables 100%
Other Fuels 0%


Environmental ImpactApr 17 - Mar 18
Co2 Emissions (g/kWh) 0
Radioactive waste (g/kWh) 0

Below you can see the breakdown by the different renewable generation types exactly where our electricity comes from.  Our power is all from true green UK based renewables.

Renewable Type            Apr 17 - Mar 18
Hydro 32.4%
Wind 45.9%
Solar 11.0%
Biomass 10.7%
Landfill Gas 0.0%
Imported Woodchips 0.0%