Fixed Price PPA

For smaller renewable generators, we typically offer a Fixed Price PPA where we calculate a fixed price per kWh generated. We would then pay the generator this fixed rate for all power generated over the course of the contract. A typical customer would be a landowner with a small number of wind, hydro, AD or PV solar generators who requires a more stable predictable income stream.

Flexible Pass Through PPA

A Flexible Pass Through PPA is where we pass through the embedded benefits associated with a generator, and also allow the generator access to the wholesale energy markets. In this way, the generator can choose to sell power products at certain times over the course of the contract to attempt to obtain greater value than through a fixed price contract. A typical customer for this would be an owner of a generator of a few MW in size which has control over when it generates, such as certain hydro sites, bio-fuel or Anaerobic Digestion plants.

Wholesale Pass Through PPA

The Wholesale Pass Through PPA is specifically for groups with a larger or growing portfolio of assets where the greatest possible financial return is required from intermittent generators such as wind, solar or hydro sites. By this means, the embedded benefits associated with each generator are passed through and all power generated is sold at an index linked price. This approach provides the greatest returns for a generation portfolio over the longer term, but returns will fluctuate over the short term according to wholesale energy price movements.

FITs and ROCs

In all PPA options, we can administer all FIT Generation payments and also provide payments for any ROCs generated.