This Electricity Supply Deemed Contract Scheme (the “Scheme”) is made by F & S Energy Ltd (“F & S Energy”) pursuant to the Electricity Act 1989 (as amended). It explains the terms and conditions that will apply to a deemed contract, being a contract that, by law, is imposed between parties where no existing contractual relationship exists (a “Deemed Contract”).


This Deemed Contract will apply to any supply point registered to F & S Energy where a customer is not a party to a bilateral supply contract because:

  • A customer has never entered into a contract with F & S Energy, for example where they have moved into a property where electricity is already provided by F & S Energy and haven’t agreed to a contract in advance,
  • The bilateral contract has terminated and the customer has not entered into a new bilateral supply contract with F & S Energy; or,
  • For any other reason.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions that will apply to a Deemed Contract are the same as those applicable to a contract agreed between parties for the same product, except that the charges made to the customer will be calculated with reference to deemed rates. The standard terms and conditions are available from F & S Energy’s upon signing as a customer or upon request.

Supply of Electricity

Our current electricity deemed rates are:

  • Standing charge 500 p/day
  • Unit rate 22 p/kWh
  • Availability/Capacity charge 6 p/kVA/day or the contract rate + 5p/KVA/day where the capacity rate exceeds 6p/KVA/day

If you are currently on deemed rates, contact us as soon as possible to negotiate the best price for your electricity supply.

Default Purchase Rate

The price paid on a deemed contract where F & S Energy are purchasing electricity will be purchased at the Default Purchase Rate. The Default Purchase Rate will be as follows:

  • Unit rate 3p/kWh

Additionally, an increase of 8% will be applied the following costs which will be deducted from the Default Purchase Rate:

  • Meter charges
  • Distribution Use of System Costs
  • Any other 3rd party transmission and distribution costs